My books for your health

The eight healing teachings

The 8 healing teachings would like to give courage and confidence to all those who no longer allow themselves to live a fulfilled life because of self-doubt or who have become weak in overcoming their challenges. The thoughts, examples and exercises are aimed at all people who want to resolve all external problems through internal self-healing. This book looks at every person as an individual and builds on their possibilities.

Reflexintegration – the book on the method

In a time when the world is undergoing ever more rapid changes, we react physically, mentally and emotionally with more complex clinical pictures. Only the passing on and application of more comprehensive, holistic healing options can offer lasting healing paths. The F&W Reflexintegration® that we have developed over the years has already led to many treatment successes in our and other practices, which is why we would now like to make this new, practical knowledge accessible to everyone. At the same time, this book makes a fundamental contribution to an optimized understanding of human health. We would be happy if it can enrich the way you deal with yourself and the people who confide in you. The aim of F&W Reflexintegration® is to correctly "classify" (integrate) the pathological part of a reflex movement pattern into healthy functioning; all stimulus and functional parameters are also taken into account. The complexity of F&W Reflexintegration® significantly distinguishes it from other integration methods: In our treatment units, we address a reflex by incorporating and precisely coordinating the type of stimulus, the location of the stimulus, the movement, the posture, emerging emotions and corresponding aids.
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